Psychic tools for psychic reading

To get in touch with the astral plane, you can make use of psychic reading tools. The tools do not necessarily give answers or show the future. They act as guides to help users to focus and tune their mind so that they can see, hear or feel things, thus, providing answers.

The tools are not similar. Specific tools are used for specific cases. Here are some of the psychic tools that may help in giving more understanding when you get into psychic reading.

Birth chart. This is used in the study and calculations of different phenomena. The relationships and patterns of the moon, sun and planets use the time of our birth. This is done by astrologists. They use the longitude of your birth place, date and exact time. The birth chart doesn’t reveal things about your past, it only gives general information about somebody. It also explains why you behave the way you do. At times it points out the potentials and talents you may not be aware of.

The chart is very important when you are taught how to read it yourself. For the chart to be accurate, the exact time of birth is very important. This may turn out as a problem to those who don’t like giving their details to strangers.

Ouija Boards. They are also known as spirit boards. They are flat boards that are used to contact spirits. They are marked with words, letters or numbers the spirits can use to pass messages. They use energies from the astral plane. The boards make use of verbal communication. They do not give psychics visions. This may deny the client to get the rich imagery and visuals which can be derived from other methods and tools. But, with the right guidance, the boards can be a medium for spirit connection.

The psychics discourage the use of these boards at home; they may lead to a risk of demon possession. The boards should only be used with the help of someone with psychic knowledge.

Crystal ball. These balls are synonymous with fortune tellers, but they are also useful to many psychics. They are not magical nor show the future. They are used to put the psychic into a trance. In this state the psychic abilities grow sharper, thus, allowing psychic thoughts to enter their minds better. The crisp images and visuals from the ball readings are accurate illustrations about the future, but most psychics cannot describe what they fully see.

Tarot cards. They use a special deck of cards for divine reasons. Each card contains different images and represents a different concept. The psychic gives the cards to the person reading, and then interprets the cards that are chosen. Some cards may offer answers to questions that the person reading has or provide clues for future events.

Runes. These are special stones. They help the psychics to see imagery. They are the oldest tools still available. I Ching is an example of psychic reading that uses runes to read the future or past.

Tea leaves. The leaves are used for divination or fortune telling. Some people can read messages see future events from the tea leaf patterns. Also the ground coffee or wine sediments can be used for the same reasons.


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